Steps To Prepare For An Interview

Interviews are important affairs as it is the place you build a first impression. Your interviewer or panel will identify who you are and what sort of personality you have, at the interview. These 20 minutes can be the most important 20 minutes of your life as it may make or break your career, especially if you’ve finally got an interview at your most wanted company. Not being prepared is a major setback and this will remain a black mark in your profile. So here are a few steps you could follow before you go in for the interview.

Review the job description

If you don’t know what they are exactly looking for, you are in trouble. Take a good look at the advertisement they had put up. It will clearly describe what skills and competencies the company is expecting you to possess and what kind of duties and responsibilities they are handing over to you. That way, you’ll know exactly what to tell them and emphasize on such skills you have. Your Ritemate shirt is not going to sell you to the board. Your skills will. And hence you need to have a proper plan of what you are going to talk about, how you will carry yourself etc.

Research the company and interviewer

Imagine going into a company and not knowing any of its history when asked? It’s the last position you want to be in. hence, do your homework before you go there. You are simply expected to have a basic idea of the business activities the company performs, the products they have, their major clients etc. Another important point to research on is your interviewer. If you know the person, research a bit about him. You might find identical likes and interests so this will be a great topic to talk about. Moreover, if you know his fashion sense, for example, if he wears RM Williams mens clothing items, get such a shirt. People with similar dressing sense usually mingle well.

Rehearse your answers

You need to have a proper idea of what kind of questions the panel will ask you. Your strengths, weaknesses, what the job means to you, why you chose the company etc. are the most frequent questions. They would also ask you to explain a time when you solved a problem, overcame a challenge or even when you held a leadership role. Having the answers for these questions prepared will save you a lot of thinking time and also help you look confident in front of them.