Steps To Enjoy The Beach With Your Toddlers.

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A day at the beach with your children can be a lot of fun. However, it takes some planning than going to the beach with your friends. Sure, your kids will have endless fun at the beach with the sand and waves, but you need to ensure their safety. To get ready for a day at the beach, pack your beach bag with all the necessary items such as sunscreen, plenty of water, towels, snacks and think about some fun activities for your children so you all can enjoy the sun, sand and the waves!

Packing your beach bag
Even with a plenty of sunscreen, children’s sensitive skin can get damaged by the harmful rays. Therefore, take along a big umbrella or a folding tent to shield your kids from the sun especially when the rays are strong (during late morning and early afternoon). Pack extra blankets, since you’ll want a large blanket for everyone to sit on. However, it is smart to take extra blankets and towels. Keep your toddler warm and dry with a toweling throw on take a few extras as well. Make sure you take enough waterproof sunscreen. Also make sure that you have plenty of water to stay hydrated, you can freeze the water bottles overnight and pack some healthy snacks such as fruits, sandwiches and crackers to keep your toddlers from getting hungry while you are enjoying at the beach.

Staying safe
It is wise to check the weather before you head out. Since you are going with your kids, you will have to be more concerned. Dress your children in light-weight and light-colored clothing. Look for fabrics with built-in sun protection such as kids hooded beach robes and swimming kits. Take a light weight hat with a wide brim to protect your kid’s head and face from sunburn. Make sure they wear appropriate foot wear such as flip flops or strappy sandals. Before your child take a swim, check the temperature of the water a safe swimming temperature is between 28 – 30O C. Stay in the sand if the water is very cold and in case your child starts shivering in water take them out and immediately wrap them with a dry towel. Stay close to your toddlers, especially when they are in water.

Come up with fun beach activities
One of the most fun and the simplest activity is to chase waves, let your kids’ splash water around in shallow, calm water. Have fun building a sand castle with your kids and then knocking it down. Draw pictures in the sand using a stick and collect colorful seashells, and all these will be beautiful memories that you all will cherish later in life.