How To Check The Quality Of Precious Stones?

There are different benchmarks or standards that have been established for one to know about the quality and class of precious stones. There are also tests that help ascertain the nature of a precious stone which come of use for those who trade in gems. Here are some points on how real precious stones are determined and how the experts do it. 

Test for diamond

Even though elaborate tests are done by experts to determine the nature of a precious stone or gem as well as to grade its different properties, there are certain basic tests that any buyer should know in order to ascertain the true nature of a stone. Such tests usually do not require special equipment. Nowadays, most reliable diamonds Brisbane usually have certified stones and jewelry items in place, but if you wish to run basic tests, you need to look at how a stone has reflective properties or whether it fogs up if you breathe on it. These are indications that you have a real diamond in your hand. If you have a real diamond in the hand know that it will refract light, it conducts heat and you can look it up close. However, in case you need to verify the authenticity and value of a precious stone you can get the services of a gemologist.

Different gemology tests

Those who are trying to get loose precious stones tested, these can be put through the print test. Diamonds refract light and hence, one would not be able to see print through it, neither circles, letters or lines. However, certain cuts of diamonds could make them reflective to some extent. The light test is one which can be shown on a stone and a bright halo is found around the rim, indicating that it is a true gem. The breath test is next whereby one needs to breathe on a stone surface and check whether it fogs up. There are certain tests that can be done which are basic and do not need special equipment. You could do them when looking at engagement rings Brisbane prices. Of course, a certified jewelry will have the stones and other precious metals valued and certified before they are put on display for sale to the customers. If you have a jeweler on whom you can rely upon, it would be best to seek out jewelry from such stores. Though there are several retailers who offer authentic and certified jewelry items, know which jeweler offers good engagement rings for money and designs that appeal to you.