How To Look Good In Anything You Wear

When you buy a dress, the first thing you would do is try it on or picture yourself in it. And only once you feel like you would look as good as the mannequin that had it on display, would you buy it for yourself. However, while doing so is perfectly right, there are other little details that play a huge role in making you look good in just about anything you wear, even if it is ripped clothes that looks like rags! Here is how you can look good without much effort!


Even if you are wearing a pretty qipao in Hong Kong, including and adding little details in the form of accessories would make it look much better than how it already might be. So depending on the colors that match, you can always throw in some shades, a cute chain or even some simple bracelets and a cute pair of earrings.

Matching fit

It is always good to pick clothes that are your exact size. But if you don’t feel comfortable in them you can still get them loose yet fit to your body. However, this of course depends on the clothes you pick. So if you are buying a t-shirt you can get the baggy ones or the ones that fit your exact size. Sometimes the baggier ones seem much more comfortable and alluring than the others! But when it comes to something like Chinese homewares, then you have to get the right size for it to look good!

Wear you

No one is able to model you better than yourself. so don’t be afraid to be quirky in your own style. Fashion isn’t about doing what everyone else does and following the trend, it is about being confident with whatever you wear. So if you manage to model something weird and out of this world, better than any other, then you never know you might be the next trend setter. After all how else do you think ripped clothes became a fashion! Dress to your hearts content not anything else.

Comfort is key

No matter what you wear, remember that you should never be compromising on your comfort. Something should feel comfortable and pretty for you to look good in. Only then would you be able to wear it better. Then again there might be girls parading around with a bandage dress when they are secretly suffering from the tightness of it, but fashion should never push you to this limit. If it does, then it is not it for you! So do give priority to this aspect.

Wear a big smile

If you want to look good in anything, the most important thing you should wear is a genuine big smile! And you’ll be looking good without much effort at all!

Consider the above tips and dress to impress!